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We specialize in processing Refunds, Rebates & Credits on Taxes, Surcharges, Overcharges and Billing Errors on Utility Cost

Our process

Client Analysis: Before beginning any refund,rebate or credit process our staff performs a free analysis. The purpose of the analysis is to determine if your business qualifies for a refund, rebate, or credit based on New York State Laws.

The Client will forward or make available to BMG at least one bill for each fuel supplier used in the last 3 years.

All proper New York State and BMG, Inc. forms must be completed by mail,e-mail, fax or in person.

BMG will request a 3 year billing history from your providers.

BMG will complete and process all necessary documents to forward your refund, rebate, or credit claim to the appropriate agency.

After the refund, rebate, or credit claim is submitted BMG will inform the client by mail of all updates regarding your claim.

BMG will work directly with the the appropriate agency to resolve any questions regarding your claim.

Upon’s receipt of the refund, rebate or credit BMG will send you a copy of the refund or rebate check or supporting documentation and will either issue you a BMG , Inc. check for the contracting percentage or bill the client accordingly.


Trust, Honesty, Integrity & Mutual Partnership is the backbone of our business.