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We specialize in processing Refunds, Rebates & Credits on Taxes, Surcharges, Overcharges and Billing Errors on Utility Cost

Highway Use Tax

Highway Use Tax
Highway Use Tax Refunds: Refunds are based on the New York State Tax Law Article 21 Section 513. Whenever the commissioner shall determine that any monies received under the provisions of this article were paid in error, he may cause the same to be refunded with interest. Calculation of Refund Claim Current Highway Use Tax Returns (MT-903’s) are reviewed for correctness of reporting and application of prescribed tax rates. In many cases we find refund claims. If any adjustments to your reporting method are warranted we will advise you accordingly.
The Client will forward or make available to BMG the last 4 Highway Use Tax Returns(MT-903) Front and Back. If errors are discovered,
BMG will discuss with the client any changes that need to be made. In addition, since there is a 4 year statute of limitation on all over payments,
BMG may require the client to make available 4 years of Highway Use Tax Returns in order to process for a refund.
All proper New York State and BMG Inc. forms must be completed by mail or in person.
BMG will complete and process all necessary documents to forward your refund claim to the NYS refund department. After the refund claim is submitted,
BMG will inform the client by mail of all updates regarding the refund process.
BMG will work directly with the Tax Department to resolve any questions regarding the claim. Upon receipt of the refund check,
BMG will contact the client to make arrangements to distribute the refund.

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