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About BMG


Business Management Group, Inc. is a refund / advisory firm for New York State Utility Sales Tax, Residential Energy Sales Tax, Motor Fuel Tax, and Highway Use Tax Refunds. Our Network of experienced and accurate professionals are dedicated to customer support and maximizing your monetary recovery.


We have a 99% success rate securing refunds. Over the years, our staff has secured millions of dollars in refunds for 100’s of companies throughout New York State.


Our current Utility Sales Tax client base is comprised of Manufacturing, Industrial, Food Processing, and Agricultural Industries. Our Residential Energy Refund clients is based on the tax being over 4% and have only one meter on gas & electric. Our current Motor Fuel client base is comprised of Mining, Excavating, Logging, Well Drilling, Paving Companies, and any other companies that might use Dyed Diesel Fuel.


Our current Highway Use Tax client base is comprised of any taxpayer subject to Article 21 of the New York State Tax Law, and currently filing Form MT-903.



Trust, Honesty, Integrity & Mutual Partnership is the backbone of our business.